SCUBA Try Dive Sessions

A little taste of what we do...

What is a SCUBA try dive session?

Our try dive sessions are an opportunity for young people (and their leaders) to experience SCUBA diving for the first time. They are fun sessions where you are shown the basics of SCUBA diving and get to experience the amazing underwater world for the first time. We pride ourselves on making our sessions fun, enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. 


Where do you hold your sessions?

Colchester Sessions

Our Colchester diving sessions are held at the wonderful Brightlingsea Lido


Due to Brightlingsea Lido’s current open months, we are only able to offer try dive sessions between 27th May and 2nd September. However, we are looking for a winter home, so watch this space!


Outside Colchester Sessions

If you are a group that isn’t local to us or have access to a pool and are interested in a SCUBA try dive session, please get in touch. We can often find ways to arrange use of a pool local to you and bring our SCUBA  try dives to you! Please note, there may be an additional cost if we are running a session in the pool other than Brightlingsea Lido. 


When do you run sessions?

We can run sessions any evening. Sessions are run on request, so please contact us with your preferred dates.


For sessions outside of Colchester, we are happy to run during the day if there is availability at the pool we are using.



How long is SCUBA try dive session?

Approximately 1 hour


What’s included?

Everything you need! We provide all the equipment you will need to try SCUBA diving. All you need to bring with you is a towel and swimwear.


How many people can we have in one session?

We can take 10 people in one try dive session. If you have a group larger than 10, we can run back to back or split sessions to accommodate everyone, so please get in touch.


What do we do in our try dive?

When you arrive at your try dive session, our lovely team will run through a safety briefing with you. We explain what equipment you will be using and show you how it works. We then get you kitted up with everything you will need to get submerged. This takes about 15 minutes.


Then we get to the good bit and get diving! Under the careful instruction of qualified SCUBA professionals, we will get you diving, showing you basic skills, playing underwater games and introducing you to the amazing underwater world. With the group's permission, we also like to take lots of underwater photos for you to remember your underwater experience.

After about 40 minutes of underwater fun, we get everyone out and let you dry off and head home!


Are there any participant requirements?

We ask that all participants are over the age of 8 years old and are comfortable in the water (don’t worry, you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer!)


Kraken Dive Team pride themselves on making SCUBA accessible to as many people as possible, and there are very few conditions that will stop you getting submerged. However, there are a few conditions, that for safety reasons, will prevent someone from diving, such as lung conditions. Further details can be found on the try dive form

That all sounds awesome, how do I book?

Please get in touch with us and we will be delighted to arrange a try dive session for you!