The Master Divers...

These guys and gals really are the bonkers ones, they might as well be merpeople with the amount of time they spend in the water! This lovely lot are responsible for all our dive experiences and they help try diver's to learn the basics and teach you how to be safe whilst underwater.

helen non dive.jpg


Helen has been diving since 2013 and is:​

  • PADI Open Water Instructor

  • Handicapped SCUBA Association Instructor,

  • BSAC Open Water Instructor

  • Scout SCUBA Diver Open Water Leader 

  • GreenFins advocate. 

Helen is the boss and brains behind Kraken and is our Team Manager. 

She's obsessed with all things sub aquatic and has a huge passion for ocean conservation. It was from this passion that Kraken was born!

Rob has been diving since 2005 and is: 

  • PADI Open Water Instructor

  • Handicapped SCUBA Association Instructor

  • BSAC Open Water Instructor

  • Scout SCUBA Diver Open Water Leader

  • GreenFins advocate. 

Rob is our diving safety officer and also second in command of the team. Rob looks after all things safety for Kraken and keeps us up to date on all the latest SCUBA regulations and updates.





Scott has been diving since 2003 and is:

  • PADI Assistant Instructor

  • Marine Biology wizz!

Scott is the super intelligent one and is working towards a real life PhD in marine biology. (he knows all there is to know about diatoms, just ask him!) 


Who better to introduce you to SCUBA and learn about our oceans than a real life marine biologist!

Kev has been diving since 2017 and is:

  • PADI Divemaster  


Kev is super Scouter and works in lots of roles across Essex Scouts! He keeps Kraken up to date with all the latest Scouting bits we need. 

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Divers & Deckhands...

We can't run Kraken with only professional divers! Keeping the operation running smoothly are our amazing divers and deckhands who keep everything running swimmingly!



Website Guru



Diver & Team Artist 



Diver & PR & Leads