Diving accessibility 

Diving is a sport that is accessible to all, and Kraken pride themselves on getting as many young people as we can experiencing the awesome underwater world. Whether you are old or young, fit as a fiddle or an average Joe, disabled or able-bodied, there is very little that will stop you diving. 

We are proud to have several Handicapped Scuba Association instructors on the team, experienced in teaching people with disabilities to dive, and strive wherever possible to get anyone interested in trying diving under the water.


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There are unfortunately a handful of conditions that, for safety reasons, may prevent someone from diving. These include conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, lung conditions, some mental health conditions and ear problems. In instances where there may be a possible reason you can't dive, we always recommend you speak to your doctor or GP who will be able to give you advice and sign-off for diving. 


We are happy to chat to you about any questions you might have. We will always do our best to accommodate you and get you underwater.