Who are kraken?

Kraken Dive Team is a Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) and was set up in 2019 with the sole mission of getting more young people into the awesome world of SCUBA diving and to engage as many people as we can about ocean conservation to help keep our planet and oceans as healthy as we can. 


Based in Essex, our team is made up of PADI, BSAC and HSA instructors, divers and ocean lovers, all who are in Scouting.


The Kraken Dive Team are all volunteers and give their time throughout the year to get as many young people diving and learning about our oceans as we can.

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why diving?

So many reasons! SCUBA diving is a sport that not many young people have the opportunity to try. It can be expensive, difficult to access and is still dominated by older folk! Kraken are out to change that!

SCUBA Diving is also an amazing way to connect with our oceans and the wonderful creatures in it. 

By offering young people the chance to SCUBA dive, we can help create more ocean advocates as they understand the amazing underwater world for themselves.

Protecting our oceans is key to keeping our planet healthy and happy. And who doesn't want to live on a happy, healthy planet?


What can we offer?

SCUBA Try-dives

An evening & weekend sessions designed to introduce the world of SCUBA diving to young people

Jamborees & Events

The opportunity to try out SCUBA diving at events such as jamborees and camps

Ocean Education

Learn about the crucial role oceans play in our survival and the dangers they face