Kraken's top 10 tips for sustainable living

We can all agree that the world needs a little bit less plastic in it...

We're pretty sure animals don't want to suffer the consequences of using plastic and nor do we, so we've made a handy little list to help change the ways plastic is used.

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Rethink your fashion

Cut down on fast fashion. Lots of plastic clothes end up in landfill. Try buying versatile pieces you can style in lots of ways, or try shopping for clothes second hand

Eat less meat

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Reducing the number of meat meals you eat, a couple of days a week, will reduce your carbon footprint. There are lots of tasty veggie and vegan options out there you can try.


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RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE! It’s easy to just toss your rubbish in the bin, but take the the time to put it in the right recycling bin. The planet will thank you for it!

Ditch the plastic

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 Plastic is a material that stays around forever so, where possible, try buying products in glass, metal, paper or no packaging at all instead of plastic.

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Fix it, don't throw it

Got a hole in your t-shirt? Sew it up or cover it with an patch instead of binning it. So many things can be fixed or given a new lease of life, so think before you throw!

Save engery 


Save energy! Switch off the lights and TV when you are done using them. Every little helps.

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Save water

Don’t leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth and take shorter showers.

Travel smarter


Cycling, walking, carpooling or riding the bus or train are all great ways to travel locally sustainably. Leave the car at home whenever you can.

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Save paper

 Avoid taking handfuls of paper napkins from at restaurants. Before printing, ask yourself if you really need a hard copy and save misprints for notes taking.


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Spread the word

The biggest influence you can have on others is through your actions  Be an environmentally friendly role model. Let your example be inspiration to those around you.