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Kraken Dive Team

Kraken is a Scout activities dive team based in Essex, set up to enable young people to experience SCUBA diving and learn about our amazing oceans 


We are completely not for profit group and do everything for the love of SCUBA and our oceans. 

We are passionate about bringing a fun, immersive experience to young people who may never have had the chance to try SCUBA.

If you're interested in experiencing diving or giving young people the chance to do so, get in touch!

Dive Deep...

We are passionate about the oceans and believe everyone should have the chance to experience SCUBA diving, if you're interested to know more click below or get in touch!

single use plastic is never fantastic!

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ken the kraken says...

Our mission is to raise awareness of our oceans and the challenges they face such as pollution and overfishing. We are doing this by creating an army of ocean advocates, enabling people to experience the amazing underwater world for themselves through SCUBA diving. One of the biggest threats our oceans face is plastic. Every minute of every day, the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastics ends up in the ocean, which is an estimated 12 million tons a year. Will you help turn the tide?